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Who am I?

Healthy Simple Life Razvan Tomegea

That is the question, right? Well...it should be! Know why? Because it is THE question. It is the most important question in a person's life. It's the question that "grinds your gears". So, before you ask me who I am, I think you should ask yourself who you are, cause that is the purpose and the meaning of my blog after all: I want you, my lovely reader and follower, to discover who you are, your purpose, your passions, your needs.

Simple me

Ok, now, first of all, before I start with the deep stuff, I should present myself. My name is Razvan Andrei Tomegea, I was born on the 31st of July 1994 in a Cluj-Napoca Romania and I am studying Computer Science and IT. I love to code, especially web coding and I also have a big passion for sports, of any kind and for nutrition.

Health before wealth

Despite all of this, I have a vision; a vision in which people would go back to the primary state of life, a simple and healthy life. I have realised that the most important thing in life and the most important gift a man receives since birth is Health and it should be put in the first place, before everything, because without health, you are nothing, you are dead.
People have begun to believe and have been mind tricked to believe that material wealth and money is the real power and essence of life, which is wrong, very very wrong. Indeed, you do need money to survive, to live, but that is that. You need to survive, not to buy the latest smartphones, the most expensive cars or other shiny and new stuff.
In this blog, I will guide you through a new path, the path of true happiness, the path of the true equilibrium with the environment and with yourself.

My Way

My life is my way

Every person should create its own way in life and not to follow someone else's.

My life, my rules!

This is my life principle. It's your life, so live it and do what the heck you like and love, not what others tell you to do and not do.
I've told you, I have a big passion for sports and nutrition. Every day in the morning, right after I wake up, I have a 30-minute yoga routine and after I have my breakfast I workout, of course, if something else does not interfere.
I also like to walk a lot, power walk of course, and to listen to Jazz and Chillout music.
I have to mention that the most important thing in my life, which gives my hall energy during that day and sets my mood is my sleep. I have a sleep program also that I respect every day so that I go to bed and wake up at the same hours, 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. It is important because in this way you teach your body to set up it's biological clock and the metabolic processes.

My Workout

It is an intense weight lifting training that lasts for 75 minutes and short breaks between sets (30-60 seconds) and I respect it every day, after an hour and a half since I ate my breakfast which I also respect it every day.
I train every muscle group and every muscle group training last for no more than 30-35 minutes.

My Diet

I don't really have a strict diet...well, I do, but for me it's not strict, cause it has become a routine and something I am used to.
I eat at every 3-4 hours, I cook all my food, so I don't eat something cooked by somebody else and I buy real food, non-processed...aaand I don't eat meat, only fish.
That being said, this was my introduction for you and I hope we will keep in touch from now on.

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