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Tips and tricks of how to get the best of your workout every time in a snap

It's finally summer! I've been waiting for it since last one! Who didn't, right? Maybe not, cause this means that everybody wants to get in shape fast and start a new workout routine. It's the worst idea, but, that's just me...and other thousand fitness trainers, cause we all know that being in shape is a path, not a destination.
Ok, so this post is about how to get the best of your workout, but not only this summer, but every time you workout.

Tips and tricks of how to get the best of your workout

Find a workout routine that fits you

Not all workouts fit other people, but only one, or a few. That is way every celebrity, for example, has a personal trainer, so that it creates a personalized workout only for him/her, depending on its capabilities, physical effort resistance, body, program etc.

...and respect it

The best workout it the one that you do and respect. Make a routine and schedule your workouts at a specific time of the day and respect every time, NO MATTER WHAT!

Do it in the morning

The best part of the day to workout is in the morning, because that's when you're most motivated and when your body is fully recovered.It also gives you energy and metabolism boost for the hall day, so that you will burn calories and absorb nutrients faster, even when you sit.

Strength train

Forget about doing those long cardio sessions and focus on muscle growth.

Muscles burn most calories, invest in them.

It's true, your burn more calories during a cardio sessions, but you burn them only when you train, after, your metabolism will be the same. Strength training, instead, accelerates calorie burn for the next 2-3 days, when your muscles recover and carve for nutrients.

Focus on muscles groups

As I said, muscles take 2-3 days to recover, so you don't want to overtrain them, cause the workout would be useless then.
Train your body in 3 day sessions, spreading no more than 3 muscles groups during a session and training each group no more than 30 minutes, so that the sessions won't last more than 90 minutes.

Fit is not a destination, is a ways of living

HIIT it!

When we move it, we MOVE IT!

"Hit your body with a hammer, not a pencil" as Jason Statham says.

If you "massage" your body during your workout, then you can forget about it, cause you're losing your time.
Work your ass off! Make breaks only to go to the bathroom, to drink some water or the prepare for the next set, exercise. That means that breaks should last 30-90 seconds. Get a timer with you every time and keep up!

...but not incorrect!

Increase intensity, take short breaks, as long as you do your reps and exercises correctly and do not cheat. Many people go to the gym and put on big weights and do only 4-5 reps correctly or put on small weights and to 9591389898...984 reps. It's useless!

Focus on quality, not quantity!


Recovery is the most important, cause that is when your body builds and invests from all your work, so make it count and recover properly.
Get quality sleep at night and quantity sleep (7-8 hours). EVERY NIGHT! NO EXCUSES! Also, you have to be careful at nutrition. You can read about it on the bottom of the article.

Drink water

Hydrate every time you have the chance to avoid dehydration, cause it will ruin your mood, energy and performance. But drink water, not energy sugary drinks or alcohol. Remember that all your body processes are done in presence of fluids. Also, during intense workout you lose water, cause you sweat, right? If you don't, then rethink your workout.

Don't forget to breathe

When you workout it's important that oxygen gets to your cells and carbon dioxide gets out, along with all the toxins. So, during muscle tension inhale and during release exhale.
If you're doing cardio, it's better to set up your one breathing rhythm, depending on your steps, intensity and other aspects. The secret is to have a constant and moderate breathing cycle.

Eat smart!

And, the last, but not the least, nutrition. Nutrition is most important in our lives because it's the main factor of bodybuilding, recovery and functions.

First of all, in order to think, cause that is what I want you to to, THINK, what to eat after a workout, you have to understand what happens during your workout and what your body needs. This way, it will be easy to know for a lifetime what to eat after every workout.

After workout, your muscle protein fibres are broken and damaged. As a result, your body lacks of amino-acids and also inflammation appears. So, you need a good source of quality protein to offer your body its amino-acid needs and some nutrients that prevent inflammation and boosts amino-acid absorption. Pretty clear and logic, right?
So, you need: protein, unsaturated fats, B-complex vitamins and magnesium.
Also, all the recovery and transportation processes need energy, right? So, you need a fast absorbing energy source, that means, glucose and water.
For the record, after workout make sure that what you eat contains a lot of:

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