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Introducing the perfect diet for guaranteed result. Part I

There are hundreds of diets out there and that are still upcoming: paleo, gluten-free, Mediterranean, Dukan, vegetarian, vegan and so on and so forth. With so many varieties, people have become confused and started wondering: "Ok, but which one should I choose?" , "Which is the best?". I was also among them. That is one of the reasons I've started this blog. To clear people's minds and make them acknowledge the true secrets for a healthy and happy lifestyle because 50% percent of what you see on in commercials and famous websites are lies.

The Perfect diet

Most of the information you receive about lifestyle is given to you to steal your money and not to make you better.

I don't want to make money, I want the change the way people see life and to make at least one person realise that health is our real wealth.
Ok! Let's cut to the chase!

It's science proven

With help from Dr. Berg's studies and my experience by testing on my own body many different approaches, I managed to establish the only efficient diet and lifestyle that everybody needs to have. For the record, it's neither one of above.
But before I start you have to understand how your body works and how fat is burned and stored.

Know your body

You gain weight when you store fat or build muscle, but mostly when you store fat. You lose weight when you burn fat or lose muscle mass. These things are determined by your lifestyle and how your body reacts to it. Everybody is different and everybody reacts in a different way. That is why every celebrity, for example, has a personal trainer because it designs a diet and workout exactly for its body.
FYI, most celebrities have a trainer only for a movie or for an event. Afterwards, they let it go and gain weight and lose their muscle tone because they don't stick to the previous program.

The perfect diet is the one you respect a lifetime and that is designed for your own body.

It's all about the hormones

I'm sure that you noticed at least one time that there are people that have a big belly, but have skinny arms and eggs or people that are fit on the upper side, but have huge buts and legs. That is because the way the body distributes fat storing. These things are managed by hormones.
This is the reason why you don't burn belly fat by doing crunches. It's not up to you from where you burn energy storage, it's up to your body.

Hormones dictate all of your body's functions: sleep, mood, digestion, energy burn/storage, metabolism, growth, EVERYTHING!

If you want to be fit you have to talk to them and to the source, to be more precise.

Body types

These hormones have to be produced by something, cause there are no alien life forms that come at night and put hormones in you (unless you are a bodybuilder and take synthetic supplements full of s**t). Hormones are produced by glands, such as thyroid, pancreas, adrenal etc.
Unfortunately, everybody has a "weak spot", a gland or organ that doesn't work at it's highest standards. That "lazy" organ tells your body type.
There are 3 body types: adrenal, thyroid and liver. You can tell which organ doesn't work well...if you don't....then you present a new body type: the brainiac. Oh, and ovary is only for women.

Find out more in Part II

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