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Do you know the most efficient way to study and learn?

Ok my fellow students and "learning addicts", let's get deep into the rabbit hole and find out if you really know how to study, not the easy way, but the correct and smart way. Studying is not about spending hours and hours and hours....and hours with 6516535469 books in front of you. Studying is something you do strategically. You have to plan ahead. Well, unless you want to crush and burn and stress and pull out your hair and want to be average.

The most efficient way to study and learn

Your brain is a muscle

I discussed earlier about laziness and productivity and learning is linked to this very tight. You have to acknowledge that the brain is a muscle, the most important want and that, as you train your pectorals and biceps with weights and sport, the same way you train your brain with learning and information. So, it needs rest, proper nutrition and smart planned training. The process is exactly the same, only in different environment and with different kind of equipment.

Clean your room and desk

Your mind can't think if it's surrounded by...stuff. It makes your thoughts unclear and makes your brain feel enchained. Clean your mess and then start.

Divide and conquer

Don't just put yourself with a thousand books and start. Make a list of what you have to study and spread it through a couple of days.

Do it in sessions

Just like at the gym, it's not ok the spend hours and hours doing cardio or lifting small weights; you have to do high intensity interval training. So, make a program, plan, for exemple, 3-4 sessions/day with breaks between them and within those sessions you squeeze your neurons out and then relax.
For example, I always study within 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. with 60 minute breaks at 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. when I eat and take a relaxing power walk in the nature and listening to some new age relaxation music.
If you are interested, here is my everyday walking music.

Focus on what's important

Don't just stay there reading letters! Take notes! Ask questions! Draw! Color! Underline! Make learning interactive and put your brain to focus on the important parts so that everything it's clear in your mind.
My strategy is that I write down what is important and during my walks I ask questions to myself and if something is unclear, I write it down. When I've finished, I read again one more time all my notes the day before the exam one more time.

Listen to low frequency natural music

Have you ever noticed that most of our world's geniuses played at an instrument or, at least, listened to classical music? That is because natural sounds and low-frequency sounds stimulate brain activity and relax the entire body. So, stop listening to those boom-boom-boom electronic songs and switch to some real music, at least, while you're working.
Here is my studying music playlist.

Feed your brain properly

Your brain needs its supplements in order to function. Your brain is made mostly out of fat, so, it needs fats. Also, it needs glucose and protein, just like any other muscle. Make sure give your brain its needs. Don't forget about water, cause hydration is most important.


"Tomorrow I have an exam. I will study the entire night". MISTAAAAKE! Your brain puts all the files in folders during sleep and during relaxation. If you take it away from it, the thing you do, which you call studying, its actually called time loss and brain(body) f**king.


The best way to actually learn is to repeat. What we actually do is not called learning, because after the exam, we don't give a damn no more and, in time, we forget everything, unless we repeat.
Repeating is tattooing the information to our brain so that it stays there forever.
In order to synthesize everything, here is a useful picture:

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