Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Facebook irony

Everybody loves facebook. Facebook is our friend. Facebook here, Facebook there, Facebook everywhere...Ok, I'm bluffin! I do not like Facebook, but not Facebook as social platform, but Facebook as it's users.Facebook was designed to help people to interact and to facilitate our lives. Its purpose was not post every single hour a selfie, a check-in or to create so called "Local VIP's", cause that it what Facebook has done to people, especially to teenagers and youngsters: it made them feel popular, important, but everything you see and everything they show is a lie.

The Facebook Irony

The Facebook Illusion

Facebook has transformed people into hypocrites and that is because of people, not the software. The software is brilliant, it's a vision, an invention, but, as usual, people get the worst of everything.
So, using your intelligence to navigate the WEB allows you to create an image that may not be very accurate, but that gets you social contacts: it’s like you can kind of live a lie or a fantasy on the Internet.

The so-called Facebook intrusion

Facebook intrusion is similar to an addiction, but the emphasis is on the way a person’s relationships with others are affected. Being young, male and spending a lot of time online also predicted a greater likelihood of unhealthy dependence on Facebook.

The Irony

So, being a Facebook users should have taken away your loneliness and should have developed your social status, but it actually made it worse.
Facebook intrusion was linked with higher depression scores. But time spent on the Internet every day was not linked to depression.
So, If you are introverted and socially shy, then spending scrolling Facebook feeds and pics won't do you any good, but only makes it worse.

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