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Simple habits for a happy life you'll wish you formed sooner

Happiness in my opinion is the real essence of life and the main reason why each and every one of us is born on this planet, TO BE HAPPY! Am I wrong? I don't think I'm wrong, but I believe you're asking me inside your head: "Ok wise guy! But what do you have to do to be happy?".
Well, that is the question of existence that many wise people have been debating for centuries, but the answer lied right in front of their eyes and lies in front of everybody's eyes, but we are to "eclipsed" by useless things, material things.
We are fooled every single to believe that material wealth, such as cell phones, cars, luxurious houses, clothes, gadgets, glossy accessories, are the key to our daily happiness and mood improvement, when it's not! It's not about what you have, it's about what you do and how you feel. It's about habits...simple daily habits.Did I get your attention? Hope so:

Simple habits for a happy life you'll wish you formed sooner

Say "Thank you!" more often

You have a perfect sleep, you eat something delicious, you have an outstanding view, you wake up and outside it's a beautiful day, you have water to drink, you have where to grateful for everything you have and appreciate the simple things. Remember that you can lose one of them at any time and then you'll wish you had it back. Or, put it this way:

For every little thing you have and don't give a sh*t, there is somebody out there who prays and only dreams to have it.

Be kind

Hate, anger, bad thoughts are like cancer, they destroy you from the inside to the outside. They change you and make you a bad person and bring only unhappiness and problems. Be kind and think of only good thoughts, no matter what.

Write down your accomplishments

When you write down your accomplishments you begin to realise how big you are and the positive views. I guarantee you that if you form this habit and practice it everytime you're depressed or feeling disappointed, you'll cheer up in a snap.

Select your friends

Do you believe in positive and negative energy? Well, you should be! Surrounding yourself with negativistic, stressful, unhealthy people will only convert you to their state. Try to select them and choose to hang out with the right kind of friends who can turn you into a better person.

Be patient

Patience is key to everything. I bet you've heard this before. But it's true. Stop hurrying up! What is supposed to happen, will happen. It doesn't matter if you're hurrying the processes cause a second still lasts a second, a minute still lasts a minute etc.

Focus on the ride, not the destination
Focus on the ride, not the destination!

Focus on what is important

When you're overwhelmed by work or problems, focus on what is truly important and remove those useless tasks, needs, habits etc. Concentrate more on your health and your family, cause these are most important.

Follow your dreams

emember when that person told that you can't do that thing, because it's too crazy or because he/she never heard such a thing before or because it's impossible? too! Well, you better forget it!
When I started this blog, many people told me it's useless, because there are a million of health and fitness blogs in this world. I won't make myself noticed. Yeah, that's what they said about me when I was overweight: "You will never be fit!". Think again!
If you have a dream, believe in it and follow it no matter what others say.

Believe in yourself, cause it's your life and your path, not theirs!


You don't have to go to the gym in order to exercise. Exercise is about refreshing your body. It is about get out the bad stuff and helping your body to carry in the good stuff (nutrition). It's suffice even you take walks in the nature and admire the beautiful green colors and beautiful bird sounds.
For the record, here is my daily power refreshing walk view:

My daily walking view

Practice yoga

Even if it's in the morning right after you wake up, even if it's in the middle of the day, even if it's before bed, yoga is the best way to relax and to become an optimistic person.
Also, it is a good exercise and it cures many diseases and body injuries. I practice yoga for 30 minutes every morning right after I wake up and every evening for 15 minutes before I go to bed and I tell you, it's effects are miraculous, but only if you do it correctly.


How hard could it be? Smile! Well, for some people it's really hard to smile. I walk sometimes on the street and see some long-face people and start to laugh my ass off. Smiling it's the most effective and simplest habit to improve your mood and to bring joy into your life. Smile every single time you have the chance. Trust me on this one!

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