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The mind-blowing fact about laziness and how to increase your productivity

Oh yeah! Laziness is within us all. It's everywhere: it's with us when the alarm clock rings, when we go to school or work, when we are trying to move our buts, when we are trying to study, when we are trying to do something useful for our lives and so on....
In my opinion, laziness is a disease, like stupidity, that you can't cure, but can catch it from others. These two diseases are the main cause why the world cause wrong...also, there is money, but that is a different story...Ok, so let's stick to the laziness part!

The mind-blowing fact about laziness and how to increase your productivity

It's all about the genes

Our brain is designed to always look for the quickest, easiest ways to resolve problems and always focuses on the things that generates pleasure, such as: food, sex and sport. Yes, sport! But, nowadays, this last thing has been cut off and substituted with comfort, because our body's genes have changed.

Laziness is our body's way to preserve its energy! It's a genetic defence mechanism!

In other words, laziness is a genetic cause. The "couched potato" gene that always makes the body to stay in the comfort zone is the reason why laziness occurs and it is given to us by our good beloved parents.
Don't worry! There is a cure! It's called willpower and ass-moving. But, unfortunately, willpower seems to be limited within our community and there is a name for this: "EGO DEPLETION" and causes depression.
So, the only thing left is to GET MOVIN'. The good news is that constantly moving and doing physical exercise everyday, EVERY SINGLE DAY, in time, it removes the "couched potato" gene. So, no miracle pill, just, daily exercise.
Also, there are another 6 main tricks that you should take in consideration to ease your motivating issues:

The mind-blowing fact about laziness and how to increase your productivity

The Zeigarnik Effect

Have you ever noticed that when you started something you didn't want to stop doing that thing until you finished it? Also, if you stopped in the middle, you were angry and disappointed? Well, that is the Zeigarnik Effect. It's the incapacity of stopping from doing something, until you finish it.
So, in order to do something, stop thinking about how long or hard it is and just start doing it.

Deliberate practice

The best way to accomplish something and to do it the right way, especially when studying, is doing it in timed sessions and talking breaks.
For example, when I study, I make it in 2 hour sessions, after which I take a 60 minute break in which I eat and have a relaxing walk.

Track your progress

Always have a notice on what you achieved in order to motivate yourself to keep going. Even though you haven't reached your absolute goal, remember that in order to run 10 miles, you have to run 9 first.

Stop multitasking

Avoid doing multiple things at the same time, unless you want to f**k up your brain. Make a priority list and handle the tasks in the priority order. Handle the interrupts in the priority order just like the CPU does (programmers will understand).

Divide and Conquer

Before you start something you think over and over again of WHAT A BIG AND DIFFICULT TASK it is. So, to this simple mind trick. Divide that big old task in multiple small tasks.
For example, if you have to train today 3 muscle groups, each of one with 4 exercises, each exercise with 3 sets and each set with 10 reps, think about every single rep that comes next and stop thinking of the exercises left.
Or, another example: if you want to run 10 miles, stop saying to yourself: "Goood!..I have to run 10 miles!". Instead, say: "I have to run 1 mile!" run that mile, then again: "1 more mile...!"...then again: "1 more mile....!" and so on, until, by miracle, you ran 10 miles.

Work clean

If you have to do homework or you have to study, clean your environment first. The effect is that your mind will be much lighter. A messy room or inhibits your thoughts and mind. It makes your brain feel claustrophobic, just like in the multi-tasking case.

Live it simple!

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