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How to have a six pack. The commitment you didn't know

Who doesn't want to have ripped abs and to show off with their six pack? Many people, especially men want it, but do you really know the commitment that you have to make in order to have it? Having a six pack involves many strict things to follow and that is the reason not everybody has a six pack.

How to have a six pack. The commitment

The long-term commitment

Having a six pack it's not something you get overnight and it's not something you achieve and then have it forever without hard-work.
It's like a spoiled kid that always wants something, that needs to be looked after and that gets on your nerves, at the beginning.
So, before you make a decision, you have to think: "Is it really worth it?".
I have to confess, I'm having a trauma since I had weight problems and now I can't stand fat in front of my eyes when I look in the mirror, but that's just me.

It's not about the crunches

I've heard many times that ripped abs means hundreds of crunches. It's wrong! So, so, wrong! Ripped abs means no belly fat and no belly fat means: healthy, smart nutrition and high intensity full body workout or HIIT.

It's about what you eat

In order to have a six pack you have to be careful on what you eat and by that I mean to avoid processed food and to eat only organic, whole food...and you have to cook it and prepare it yourself.
Also, you have to watch your sugar intake, cause sugar spikes in your bloodstream means excess insulin production and that means fat storage.

...and how you eat

Another big deal is that you have to be careful on timing and portion sizes. You have to eat a small meal at every 3 hours. Many people say that's a lie, but it is not!
If you eat every three hours you will teach your body how to prepare for digestion and nutrient absorption so that your insulin levels will be always stable.
Also, this prevents you from overeating, cause you will always feel full and your stomach will shrink its size.
Besides the ripped abs, stable insulin levels prevents pancreatic disease, such as diabetes.

How to have a six pack
How to have a six pack
This is how your fridge should look like if you want a six pack

It's also about the math

Like math? Well, you'll have to get used to it if you want to have a six pack, because it involves counting calories.
In order to get ripped, you will have to burn more calories than you eat everyday (100-200 calories) and to calculate your daily nutrient intake.
I use MyFitnessPal, because it's very easy to use and I recommend it.

...aaand it's also about sleep...and alcohol

Remember those great late night parties when you got drunk ? Well, you will have to forget about them cause having a six pack involves good quality sleep, every single day and no alcohol consumption.
Why? Alcohol and sleep deprivation makes your metabolism lazy and you will start to store belly fat in a giffy.

Is it worth it?

Think about it! Why would you want a six pack? You want to impress the ladies? If that is your reason then I will ask you to think again. It's a price way too high you're willing to take for that matter and it is also useless.

Ladies don't care about six pack, they care about your attitude, respect and attention.

A six pack and ripped ab involves way too much attention and strictness and discipline. That is way only few people succeed in achieving it. Set this goal only if your purpose is to have a beautiful body for yourself and not for others to admire, cause that it the only way you will succeed.

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