Saturday, 30 May 2015

Why breakfast is important

'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. I wonder how many times have I heard this phrase. I think a billion times and actually I am glad that this is a very famous phrase, because breakfast is most important meal that sets your entire mood and energy for the day that is about to come.
Despite all of this, why is it so important? Have you ever wondered? If you have, then I will clear things up a little bit for you.

Why breakfast is important

Boosts your metabolism

After a good sleep your whole muscles and organs were in a hibernating state and now they need to reactivate and breakfast really does the job. Activating your entire body increases your metabolism and, also, your calorie burn through the day

Cuts sugar cravings

As I mentioned earlier, in the morning your organs need food, FAST, and by food I mean glucose, cause that is the cell's food. Skipping breakfast makes your body to crave fors sugar for the whole day

Gives you energy for the whole day

How can you reach your highest capacities if you don't give your body a head start? Every machine has it's highest energy consumption when the engine starts for the first time. Your body is the same

Gives you strength

Quality Food = Strength and that's that

Keeps insulin levels stable

This is available for all meals. Skipping any meal means messing with your pancreas and with your insulin levels and that is a bad thing. Insulin has an important role in stabilizing blood sugar levels and if you mess it up, than you increase your risk to diabetes

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