Sunday, 31 May 2015

Reasons why you are getting fat

I can't remember how many times I've heard: "I don't know why I' getting fat, cause I'm not eating almost anything and I am moving". Well, maybe you are wrong. Or, no! You are really wrong. You're getting fat, because you are eating the wrong food, at the wrong time, the wrong way. Oh, and your are not moving enough and the right way. Here are some examples where you might be mistaking when it comes to weight control.

Why you're getting fat

You eat from large plates

When you use big bowls and plates you put too much food at once and you eat too much. Clearly, you'll gain weight. Try to use small plates or portion your meals before your mealtime arrives, like I do. I put all my food in containers and when mealtime comes, I take my portion and never cheat.

You put dishes on he table

Put everything you have on the table, make a buffet and make all inclusive at home. Sounds familiar? It's all wrong. Avoid eating in big groups when all your food is in front of you. It's nearly impossible to resist temptation and you will surely overeat

You eat white

White bread, white rice, white sugar, white wheat, white everywhere. These "whites" increase your insulin levels and blood sugar levels and not only that you will get fat, but you will put abdominal fat and you won't be able to loose it.

You eat to fast

Leptin is the satiation hormone and it is released slowly, after 20 minutes since your first bite. If you eat fast, you will finish you meal before this hormone is to be released and you will not feel full on time, so you will eat more.

You don't drink enough water

The body's metabolic processes work in presence of fluids and by fluids I mean water. Dehydration slows your metabolic processes and even your caloric burns. Also, many time when it seems like you are hungry, in fact, you are thirsty.

Your hanging with the wrong people

Late nights, alcohol, smoking, fast-food, lack of sleep, all of these things are because you have a bad influence. Try to choose the right friends, with healthy habits that will make the best of you. Also, if your friends eat the wrong food, it's more likely that you will too.

Late night snacks

Your metabolism and digestive system slows down hour by hour during the day. Eat too late and you will surely gain weight. Try to eat a consistent and nutritious breakfast and decrease the caloric intake meal by meal after that. Dinner should be very light and 3 hours before bed.

You are doing the wrong math

Gaining weight means eating more than you burn. Period! If you are getting fatter and fatter that means that you don;t appreciate correctly your caloric intake and your activity burnout.

You drink your fruit

The biggest bull***t I have ever heard is that fruity drinks are healthy. Lies! Fruit juices is only fructose...sugar in translation. All the vitamins and fibre are in the pulp, which you probably throw away. Eat whole fruit if you want hydration, to cut your cravings and a healthy snack and to block that fructose from being absorbed too fast and to cause a huge insulin release at a time.

Emotional eating

Feeling stressed and depressed? Boo-hoo! Take a walk, take a rung, workout; it's more efficient than bumping up with chocolate.

You don't watch your hormones

This is the worst case scenario in which you have a hormonal issue and I recommend that you should seek special investigation. It might be your thyroid or your adrenals or pancreas.

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