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How to have a perfect sleep

Having quality sleep is one of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle and especially for your body. During sleep, our body recovers and recharges its batteries for the next day and, also sets our mood and general performance. You might have heard that you must sleep x hours. Well, that is not perfectly true. The number of hours of sleep a person needs depends on some factors like age, gender, genetics, daily activities etc. The most important thing is that you have quality DEEP sleep. So, you have to have a number of deep sleep hours, not just sleep. So let's see how do we do it:

How to have a perfect sleep


That's obvious, right? You have to relax before you go to bed. Leave all your worries and troubles behind and prepare yourself for the next day, cause tomorrow is a new beautiful day. Practice some yoga before bed and put some chillout music, like smooth jazz or ambient music.

Leave the blues

Turn off the gadgets and the bluelight sources around, cause they mess up with your biological clock. Forget about those late night movies or TV shows, are they really worth it? Also put away the the feeds in the morning, shall you?

Watch the dinner

Better watch those heavy, fatty, spicy and sugary dinners and try something easy, low in carbs and high in protein. Try some toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes or even a tuna salad. Even a hot glass of milk will do the trick.
You might try, also, avoid eating 2 hours before you go to bed and if none of this fits you, try a power walk after everyday's dinner. That's what I do!

Don't fuel up

Watch out the fluids before bed! You might hit the toilet during the night.

Quit smoking

Smoking, among other problems, ruin your sleep


Try to go to bed everyday at the same hour so that your body will no when to start to secret melatonin, the hormone the sets your circadian rhythm.

Make a workout routine

Working out refreshes your entire body and cells and also contributes ad the serotonin and dopamine production, the happiness hormones. which will help you feel relaxed

...or just move

Ok so you're not in sport, then just move. Don't just sit there locked inside. Have a walk in the nature and get some fresh air and some vitamin D.

Leave stress for the morning

Stop doing any work, learning, homework, tasks and plan them for the morning when your mind will be more refreshed and when you will pe more capable of facing stress.

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