Sunday, 31 May 2015

How to be energized

I know you're gonna like this one. Everybody wants to have a full energy boost everyday, the whole day, but it seems that only few people manage to achieve it. Maybe because they misunderstand the energy definition and bump their body with sugar and caffeine. So, as a result they are feeling even more tired.

How to be energized

Rendez-vous with the sun

Natural light is the most powerful and most efficient source of energy and you should capture it at every moment of the day

Get out and move

Staying all day inside, locked up, will only make you sleepy and even dizzy. Get out, move and get some fresh air and you'll see that you will feel much more energized.

Sleep correctly

You must have quality sleep in order to gain energy and you have to respect a sleep program. That means to go to bed and wake up everyday at the same hours and to sleep the same number of hours. 7-8 hours, not more, not less, will do the trick.

Workout in the morning

Right after you get out of your bed, do some stretching, some pilates or some power yoga for 15-30 minutes and you'll immediately feel the energy. Also, try to have an intense workout routine after 1 hour since you ate your breakfast or, at least, try to schedule it till midday.

Don't shut your eyes during the day

Sleep is for the night and the day is for moving and working. If you catch a nap during the day you will disturb your biological clock (circadian rhythm). Feeling tired? Go for a run, go for a power walk, workout, MOVE!

Press play

When you feel like your energy is draining, put your favourite music and cheer up.

Grab some fruit

An apple or a grapefruit will give you more energy then 4 cups of coffee. They're filled with vitamins, minerals, fibre and complex carbohydrates.


Dehydration may be the cause of your lack of energy. Drink a glass of water or, even better, a cup of green tea. It will get you back on the horse

Avoid coffee and sugar

Coffee only steals from your livers resources and use them to generate a short term energy illusion, making you nervous and increasing your blood pressure. After one or two hours you'll see that you'll feel tired again. The same thing is available for sugar, which gives you a short term energy explosion, after which you'll be exhausted. That's available for all sugar containers: energy bars and energy drinks. Try a fruit or some complex carbohydrates with slow energy eliberation.

Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it put your body on feet. If you skip it, you will have problems working properly.

Don't overeat

Plan ahead your meals and try to have more smaller meals during the day rather than fewer and bigger. A big meal puts your digestive system to a big effort and will determine a big insulin release which will drain your energy.

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